The Product

The collection of EFG Guanti boasts a wide range of attractive and original gloves for both men and women, where the accurate selection of the materials and the meticulous care in the craftsmanship are raised in an elegant design for offering a product that is particularly beautiful and versatile as well as being extremely pleasant to the touch and to wear.


EFG only avails of the work of master glove-makers from the tailoring Naples  tradition. In fact, while the court of France turned gloves into a cult item, in 1700 the art of glove making was introduced into Italy when Ferdinand of Bourbon summoned the most famous artisan glove-maker of that time from Grenoble, Luigi Balastron, to open the very first glove “factory” in Naples. Thus it was that the Neapolitan craftsmen became true masters in this production and still today Naples is a world leader in the glove industry.


Every pair of gloves purchased from EFG is therefore the result not only of creative flair and a long series of manual operations in the skilled hands and under the watchful eye of expert craftsmen, but also the bearer of a unique and jealously guarded tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Elegance at your “finger tips”…

So there’s no excuse for finding yourself unprepared with empty – or should we say, bare hands … with EFG, elegance is at your finger tips on every occasion…

Among tradition and the latest trends, long, short, coloured, classical, fashionable or ultra-glamorous, gloves are no longer just for the cold season. Next to a variety of leathers such as lambskin, suede, deer or pony skin, lace and embroidery are reawakening the “vintage” taste.

A touch of romantic femininity also to be worn on various occasions in spring, with openwork, unlined and fingerless gloves.

For winter, there are elbow-length gloves in the softest cashmere, as well as muffs. Fur peeps out from the cuffs of numerous models and the various styles of animal prints on pony skin are never missing.

For everyday refinement and comfort, the men’s line is declined in a beautiful assortment of  hand- and machine stitched models crafted with the most prestigious materials such as deer, pecari and carpincho.

Customized gloves

Finally, for the more demanding customers, the made-to-measure sector: gloves created individually to meet the customer’s specific demands for size, model, colour and materials, including reptile skins, a unique specialisation in this field, available for daytime and evening wear as well as for weddings and ceremonies.

…and why not indulge in a touch of narcissism…?

You can add your initials to personalise your gloves, either fire-punched for an embossed effect or with gold printed letters.

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